The Space Between Us

Sloane Andrews is the youngest A&R Manager at Gravity Records, she's dating a professional baseball player, and she has great friends. To the outside world, her life is pretty much perfect, but that's because it's what she wants everyone to see. The reality is that nothing in her life is perfect, and she knows something real is missing. She just doesn't know what it is. But her tough exterior and confidence have gotten her where she is in life, and the last thing she wants is to let anyone see that she doesn't have everything figured out, so she's makes a habit of keeping people at arms' length. Of course, what she doesn't plan on is encountering someone who's able to see past the façade she portrays and break down her carefully constructed walls. Someone she never expected, who ends up being someone she can't ignore.

Tate Phillips never thought he would have a chance with the girl of his dreams. But that was before he became one of the most famous musicians in the country, writing chart-topping songs, and selling out concerts. And when he signs with Gravity Records, he knows it's his chance with the girl he met years earlier, who likely doesn't remember that he exists. But he's determined to change that, because when it comes to a girl like Sloane Andrews, who he's thought about for ten years, he'd be an idiot if he didn't at least try to win her over.

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