Last year was one of the worst of Abby Lucas’s life, but though it all, she had her best friend Wyatt by her side. Unfortunately, Wyatt just left to start his freshman year at the University of Michigan, leaving Abby to face her past and her senior year of high school alone. Just as she starts to think that this year might actually be worse than the last, she meets Connor Richmond, a gorgeous transfer student who intrigues her at first glance. Abby and Connor have an instant connection. He’s sweet, funny and adores Abby, but Connor is also dating the girl who single-handedly tried to ruin Abby’s life. As Abby and Connor grow closer, reminders of her past start to pop up when she least expects them. She soon realizes that the only way out is to put some distance between herself and Connor, but it turns out it’s not as easy as it should be to let him go. If only Connor knew the truth about the girl he was dating and how much better off he’d be with someone like Abby.

Published, March 16, 2012