After losing his parents in a car accident, Dylan Keller is forced to move across the country to live with his grandparents. Starting over in a new town is never easy, but it’s so much worse when you’re seventeen and a self-proclaimed outsider. His only salvation is that in a year he’ll be off to college, so if he can lay low and survive his senior year of high school, things just might be okay.

For Avery Bishop, life at home has become increasingly difficult. Her parents are fighting constantly, and the memory of the brother she lost is an ever-present pain in her life. All summer long she retreated to the pond near her house to be alone because no one ever went there, but one day, someone unexpected showed up and changed everything.

Dylan and Avery form a friendship over their joined losses, and soon that friendship blossoms into more. But jealous friends, bullies and their own families threaten to pull them apart, right when they need each other the most.  It’s not easy being seventeen and dealing with adult issues, but if they can make it through everything that’s thrown at them, they’ll be alright. But they have to stick together in order to do that, and with so many things working against them, it’s easier said than done.

Published, January 16, 2014