Only With You

When she was sixteen, Sydney Chase gave up a normal life to move to L.A. to pursue a career in music. Now as a multi-platinum, Grammy winning, recording artist, she really couldn’t want anything more out of life. Well, except for her best friend, Ryder Thompson. They’ve been friends since they were kids, and Ryder has always been the constant in Syd’s life – at least until the night she thought they might be turning into more than friends . . . or maybe not. And now they aren’t even speaking. Sydney would give anything just to have her friend back, even if all they’ll ever be is friends.

Ryder Thompson has been in love with Sydney Chase since he was thirteen, but she never saw him as more than a friend. Then one night, he took a chance and kissed her. Talk about an epic fail. But even though he tries to stay away, he knows deep down that even if she never loves him like he wishes she would, he needs Sydney in his life.

Neither wants to admit how they feel, since rejection is never fun, but if they just tell each other the truth, they might get everything they’ve always wanted.

Only With You is a novel about friendship, love and the mistakes we make to ultimately be with the one we love.

Published, September 16, 2014