Published, February 16, 2014

Paper Airplanes

Cassie Witter had a perfect life until one night when everything came crashing down around her. Now she’s spending the summer in the town where she grew up, trying to find herself again. But nothing fits like it used to – old friends, old habits and even old boyfriends. What she needs is a fresh start, a chance to get her life back or to at least reshape it in some way that resembles who she used to be. And maybe with someone like Jared Lansing, the cute, quiet guy she who trains her for her new job, she can do that. The only problem is, Jared doesn’t seem to like her very much.

Jared Lansing hates Cassie Witter and what she represents. She was the girl who ignored him throughout high school because he was a nobody and then stood by and laughed as her friends made his life a living hell for four years. But he now finds himself linked to her in more ways than one. Cassie has no clue who he is or what she did to him, which makes it that much worse when he has to work with her. He doesn’t have time for the former Homecoming Queen and all her drama with everything else going on in his life.

But something about Cassie pulls Jared closer, even though it goes against everything he’s ever thought. Something happened to her. She’s different, broken somehow, and he can’t ignore that. He starts to think that it’s possible that they have more in common than he ever thought, and Cassie Witter just might be the kind of girl he could fall in love with – that is if she can let go of the demons that haunt her enough to let him in. But after everything she’s been through, he and Cassie both know that might not be a possibility.