Playing With Dynamite

The last place Matt Jordan wants to be is his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and halfway through the reception, he’s already looking for a way out. When Riley Evans, the younger sister of his ex, offers him just that, he takes it, not knowing what Riley has in store for him.

Riley was always the little sister, but she’s not so little anymore. In fact, she’s all grown up, completely sexy, and she wants Matt. So he tells himself it’ll just be one fun night, and that no one ever has to know. But something about Riley draws him in, and as the night progresses, he realizes he doesn’t want to say goodbye.

But Riley has a past, and letting Matt in beyond a one-night stand isn’t something she wants. He slowly realizes that it's not going to be easy to convince her to take a chance with him. He’s going to have to fight for what he wants, because at the end of the day, he just wants Riley, and he'll stop at nothing to make her see that. 

Published, August 16, 2014