Published, July 16, 20146

Promise Me

When they were kids, all Kate Pierce and Johnny Evans had was each other. With abuse, drugs, and neglectful parents clouding their lives, things were never easy. Having a best friend who knew what you were going through was the most important thing to them, and they leaned on each other for everything. But when tragedy struck Johnny’s family, he was ripped from Kate’s life. After years of having her best friend by her side, he was suddenly gone, and she was alone.

Eight years later, Kate follows her sister to the University of Texas, taking the opportunity to leave her past behind and start fresh. Little does she know that just across the hall from them is the boy she thought she’d lost forever.  He has a different name, a different life, and at first she doesn’t recognize him. The thought doesn’t even cross her mind that confident, charismatic, and easy-going Jack Kinsley is any part of her past. But sometimes the truth is deceiving, and in time Kate realizes that she and Jack have more in common than she ever thought.

Jack got the chance to have a new life when he moved to Texas to live with his aunt and uncle when he was twelve. His life went from being terrifying and unpredictable and almost perfect. Now as a sophomore at the University of Texas, he has great friends, an incredibly hot girlfriend, and a life plan that is pretty much foolproof. There isn’t anything else he wants. But then he realizes that the girl who moved in across the hall isn’t just his new neighbor. She’s a girl he knew once upon a time, a girl he loved for too many years to count. Suddenly his life isn’t as easy or as perfect as he thought it was, but when you find your long lost best friend after so many years, nothing else really matters.