Westside Series

Published, April 16, 2015

Lost in Wonderland

Andi Cutler has never had much luck with love, and after breaking up with another guy who was wrong for her, she tells herself she’s swearing off guys. When she meets Camden Baylor, a member of the band Westside, she blows him off, knowing the last thing she needs is to get involved with someone like him. But Cam’s more persistent than most, and Andi soon finds herself spending all of her time with him. At first she tells herself that they’re just friends, but the more she gets to know Cam, the more she realizes that despite their age difference, the fact that he’s a musician, and that he lives on the other side of the country, he might end up being the perfect guy for her.

Cam Baylor has never had a girlfriend, and he’s never really wanted one. Having been in Westside, the wildly popular boy band, since he was eighteen, he spends his time traveling around the world, playing to sold-out crowds. A girlfriend just never factored into his world. But then he met Andi, and everything changed. For the first time in his life he wanted more than one night with a girl, but Andi isn’t interested in him in that way. Or is she?

As Cam and Andi slowly realize that two people from different worlds sometimes have the most in common, they also realize that having things in common isn’t always enough. People from their present, baggage from their past, and circumstances out of their control test just how right they are for each other and make them wonder if it’s all worth it. Will the reward outweigh the risk, or will they both end up lost when it’s all said and done?

Published, August 16, 2015

Lost Chances

Two years ago, Van Salvatore made a mistake that he couldn’t take back, a mistake that cost him the girl he loved. Even though he never admitted it at the time, his world changed the day Elisa Donovan walked out of his life. When he finds out that Elisa is going to be traveling with his band Westside on their world tour, he knows he wants another chance. Of course it quickly becomes evident to Van that he and Elisa want very different things. But he vows not to give up without a fight. After all, he has an entire tour to win her back, and Van is nothing if not persuasive when he wants to be.

Elisa Donovan hasn’t forgiven Van Salvatore in two years, and she’s fairly confident she won’t be forgiving him anytime soon. The only reason she took the job with Westside was to further her career. Van was an unfortunate side effect of that decision, and she’s hoping to steer clear of him as much as possible. What she never counted on, though, was Van doing everything in his power to insert himself back into her life. Soon she finds herself wondering if she can let go of the past and give him a second chance, something she never thought she’d consider.  But if Van really is different from the guy he was two years ago, and if she can find a way to trust him again, maybe they have a chance at being happy together. Maybe . . .

Lost Chances is the second book in the Westside series, but it can also be read as a standalone novel.

Published, January 16, 2016

Lost to You

Phillip Lawton has never been good at dealing with the bad things in his life, and for years he’s opted to self-medicate over having to face anything tough. With a childhood that was less than joyful and only a few people in life that actually care about him, he’s never had much to live for. But when his addiction takes over and starts to threaten one of the only good things in his life – his place in Westside – he knows he needs to get sober and stay that way. Regardless of how much he didn’t seem to care about the band in the past, Westside means everything to him. But when you’ve been an addict for almost ten years, staying sober isn’t exactly an easy thing to achieve, especially when temptations are all around you.


Sabrina Tyler hit rock bottom a few years back, and it was a media spectacle. Just the fact that she was able to get sober, stay that way, and relaunch her music career is a miracle all on its own, but when she’s ask to be Phillip’s sponsor and help him stay clean during Westside’s six-month long tour, she questions whether that’s something she can do. Phillip isn’t exactly welcoming of Sabrina’s presence, and she can’t even tell if he’s even serious about getting sober. But tenacity has always been her strength, and she finds herself more determined than ever to get through to Phillip.

What Phillip and Sabrina don’t realize is they have more in common than they ever realized. They’ve both felt immeasurable loss, they’ve both been hurt, and they both carry scars on their hearts that keep them guarded. Sometimes the one person you thought you didn’t need in your life becomes the one you rely on the most. But what happens when a girl who never thought she’d find love again falls for the boy she’s supposed to be helping, a boy who doesn’t think he’s even capable of love? Sabrina knows that Phillip isn’t the ideal guy for her, but she isn’t willing to accept that. She sees the good in him, she sees beyond the demons that haunt him, and all she can hope is that when he looks at her, he sees the same things.